Trump Statue Initiative / Trump Statue Initiative


Living statues in Portland push a satirical response to Trump administration actions

As controversial monuments and statues are coming down across the U.S., in Portland, a new set of statues went up, if only for a few hours. The project used actors covered head-to-toe in gold paint to depict recent Trump Administration actions in a satirical light. It’s called the Trump Statue Initiative and was conceived by director and activist Bryan Buckley.

This coming spring, U.S. Census workers will follow up with households that do not respond to questionnaire mailings.

What the shortened Census 2020 means for Oregon

The U.S. Census Bureau is ending its count efforts a month earlier than expected. We talk with Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett, the campaign manager for We Count Oregon, about what these changes could mean for Oregon.

🦉 Owl research leads Oregon scientist to new frontier in baby hearing tests

Detecting hearing loss in babies is kind of a Catch-22. It’s important to uncover hearing issues early to ensure they develop language. But because babies don’t have language to tell you what they hear, it’s difficult to diagnose just how severe their hearing loss is. But now an Oregon researcher may have found a solution to this problem – one he figured out while working with owls